Cruise Ship Brings Ferrari Aboard and the World’s First Race Track at Sea!

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The newest ship of Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Norwegian Joy, will feature ...

The newest ship of Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Norwegian Joy, will feature something that a cruise has never offered before: a Ferarri go-kart track. It’s the world’s first ever race track at sea!

The two-level track is strategically located at the top level so drivers can have a view of the sea from every angle. It features 10 electric go karts and a partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Watches, so expect to see Ferrari watches and other Prancing Pony merchandise being sold near the track. Other notable amenities include a racing simulator, multi-storey water slides, and an open air laser tag arena.

Cruise ships have always caught people’s eyes, but for some, there’s never anything that really made them take the leap from wanting to go on one to actually going out and shelling some cash to make it happen. Well, this time, driving a miniature version of a Formula E out in the middle of the ocean may just give you the impetus to leave solid ground and spend your vacation on a cruise ship.

Check out the video below for a full lowdown on what you can see on board that will allow you to tap into your inner gearhead and have some fun competing on the track before sipping your margarita in the sun!

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