Cummins Powered C10 Is So Fantastic You’ll Like It Despite The Smoke

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Chevy C10 trucks are not exactly common so seeing one in a condition to fight for ...

Chevy C10 trucks are not exactly common so seeing one in a condition to fight for single digit passes on the drag strip is an exciting moment. This is a video showing one of the most interesting C10 Chevy trucks we have ever witnessed. A V8 is inside, but not some kind of LS goddess. Actually, this what you see here is the P pump 24V Cummins powered C10. Isn’t this awesome? The power is amazing.

Actually, the torque is out of this world as this thing disposes of with 1,685 lb-ft of torque. Fantastic. Then there is the power – 906hp. Not crazy amount considering some drag monsters in this class churn out far more than 1,000hp, but then again, this is a torquey beast.

1320Video YouTube channel operators, who actually showed us around the car and presented the C10 revealed a neat detail about the car. They commented: “A little back story on the truck and it’s performance at Drag Week: He discovered at the end of the trip that his new, smaller turbo was actually the correct size but the wrong part number of the two, he received a turbo that spins the OPPOSITE way than it was supposed to, so it was actually stealing boost from the larger turbo.

We can’t wait to see it in the future, and quite a bit quicker!!!”
So, keep in mind that this truck should be able to reach single digit passes. It has the potential.

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