Cummins Pulls Stuck Ranger The Guy Has The Greatest Freakout Ever

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How the hell did this man stuck the truck into such deep mud is still the mystery ...

How the hell did this man stuck the truck into such deep mud is still the mystery but the Dodge Cummins pulling out the stuck Ford Ranger which has the freak out guy behind the wheel is so interesting.

Maybe this driver of the stuck Ranger thought that he should prove to the Cummins that his truck is much better than the other one. Maybe it was the bet that made this guy to go into such deep mud and water. Anyway he got his truck so stuck that even when the Cummins was pulling out the Ford Ranger it had the problem.

It is not very easy to pull out such stuck truck and the moisture makes a job even harder than it is. The two vehicles are tied to each other with the long rope that is strong enough to support the pull of the Dodge Cummins. There are spectators on the side, and maybe the children of the owners which are laughing at the reaction of the driver in a Ford Ranger.

When the Cummins started to pull ahead, at the first try a truck didn’t even move. Revving into place it had to take another try to take out a Ranger.

In the second try the Cummins pulled a Ranger one meter and then the driver of this Ranger started to freak out screaming stop. And then everybody was laughing at this reaction and it is funny as hell.

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