Cyclist Saves Runaway Dog From Busy Road In High Drama Chase

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Chasing after the runaway dog is never ideal, especially if it starts cutting ...

Chasing after the runaway dog is never ideal, especially if it starts cutting across the traffic lanes while almost getting run over by multiple vehicles.

We have to admit, the video below gave us pause for the second, especially at the beginning when this dog ran in front of two vehicles and came out seemingly unharmed at the other end. And it could have easily been injured, or worse.

Trying to reel it in is a man on the bicycle who chased after it right until the end, when the passer-by managed to grab the leash and interrupt the Yorkie’s road trip.

After this video was posted on reddit by someone called Jorgom, other users, familiar with that area of Mexico City, well, calculated that this dog ran roughly 600 meters in 2 minutes time, covering 5 meters every second.

Speed aside, we can imagine it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for a man on the bicycle to actually grab hold of the leash while this dog was on the run.

His best course of action was to probably do what he did – and try to keep up and wait for somebody to help out.

Still, let’s hope the little pooch is OK after its adventure in traffic.

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