Dancing On Ice-What It’s Like To Drive The McLaren On A Frozen Lake

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When it comes to the winter driving, there are three tire options, and all-seasons ...

When it comes to the winter driving, there are three tire options, and all-seasons are not one of them. Standard winter tires are what you should use on the cold, wet asphalt.

One level up is the nordic winter tires, otherwise known as snow tires, and above all are the Nordics with studs, designed with compressed snow and ice in mind. And those aren’t even legal in every US state, but Lapland demands them.

As you would expect, McLaren’s development driver Kenny Bräck had some fun in the 570S to promote the brand’s latest lifestyle offer.

While McLaren just got back from its Epic New Zealand Tour that also included the crash of an F1, the lucky few can now visit their Ice Driving Center, based in the proving ground in Ivalo, Finland. It must be somewhere close to Nokian’s amazing test track, I presume. And there is more!

Pure McLaren Arctic Experience also includes the moonlit snowmobile expedition and the husky trek into the picturesque wilderness.

You will be staying in the stunning Presidential Jávri lodge, which should also provide a perfect chance to view the Northern Lights. Check the forecast, but yeah, it should. Either way: supercars+studded tires = fun.

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