The Most Dangerous Situations And Crazy Tricks With The Tractors

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To be honest, we don’t know whether to call these tractor tricks crazy or ...

To be honest, we don’t know whether to call these tractor tricks crazy or dangerous. And they are probably both!

Those of you who follow Legendaryspeed on regular bases know that we have seen some pretty twisted stuff here! When you just think about it… it is crazy!

We are not new to tractors either. Well, you have probably seen some of our pulling tractor contest videos or the mudders that have stunned us!

Anyway, this time we have the compilation of tractor tricks that will leave you jaw dropped!

We have many scenes it the video below full of dangerous tractor tricks! The opening one is hilarious where the tractor gets flipped over after trying to do some muddin’!

After that, we have the climbers. The tractors that put the real effort while trying to go over the 110 degree narrow plank! Some of them fail and as some succeed in their attempts!

We have another video from this compilation and where we can see how tractor drifting can go wrong! Not every surface is made for drifting.

Of course you’ll flip over if you drift on the harvesting soil! Even Ken Block chooses the paved ground to do his Gymkhanas!

This is not only foolish tractor tricks, we have some pretty informal videos. For example, if you are the farmer, you’ll see the best way to harvest your soil! No pain but much gain!

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