Danny MacAskill Tears Apart The Scottish Countryside In “Wee Day Out”

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If you live in the Northern hemisphere, then this video couldn’t have come ...

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, then this video couldn’t have come at a worse time. Well, technically the December launch and would have been even more inappropriate, but early October is just as bad. Well, that’s because after you watch it, you will immediately want to jump on that bike you hook up to dry over winter in a garage and explore the countryside. Maybe the cold temperatures and wet weather shouldn’t be enough to put you off, and they sure don’t make it any easier to enjoy a ride.

On the other hand, the video was shot around Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, so the fact they managed to find the few sunny days is remarkable even if they did film in the summer. Well, relatively sunny.

Well, Danny MacAskill is one of the best-known trial riders, but most of his reputation wasn’t built in the actual competitions, but by featuring in very well directed short videos on the Internet. That doesn’t take anything away from the unquestionable skills he has, and you have to put it down to the talent of the various people he’s worked with on these little visual gems.

And The Wee Day Out is the latest in a series that saw Danny perform his tricks in all sorts of the different scenarios – from the green Scottish countryside to the surreal incursion into a child’s toy collection.

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