Dashcam Footage Shows The Moment A ‘Vigilante Tries To Ram A Driver

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At this point, you are probably asking yourself how can the Ford sedan do ...

At this point, you are probably asking yourself how can the Ford sedan do burnouts? Clearly, the truck driver must have gotten the wrong man. Well, no, because this is Australia, the Aussies have special kinds of Fords there.

Australians are well-known for their love of very powerful utes, but they won’t say no to the performance sedan either. That’s why the Falcon, a sedan Ford has been building in Australia since 1960, has had its sportier versions over the years.

As you would expect, the older versions became teenagers’ favorites, some of them even had parents crazy enough to allow them to buy one.

We have no backstory on what’s happening in the video below, but we would be willing to have a guess.

Some young guy decided to have a bit of fun with his car, and he was also considerate enough take his shenanigans out of town. And little did he know that by choosing this remote road, he was actually picking the worse place than a main street.

It turns out that road was where local kids went to ride their motorcycles and horses (yes, horses), even though there were no kids, motorcycles, or horses in sight, the alarm still rang.

Just like the old Indians would react to someone trespassing on their sacred burial grounds, a local community dispatched an enforcer to deal with the situation.

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