Dashcam Footage Of A Subaru WRX’s Head-On Collision With A Nissan Is Terrifying

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Imagine you are driving along on a highway in your limited edition Subaru WRX and ...

Imagine you are driving along on a highway in your limited edition Subaru WRX and you notice the vehicle in front of you being sideswiped by the vehicle coming the other way, and which is now heading your way.

While this may sound like the nightmare, the situation perfectly describes the ordeal the Australian WRX driver and his wife had to go through back in December last year.

This man decided to share his crash with the world, with the impact having been captured by the Impreza’s dash cam. The way in which he decides to kick off the description of his YouTube video seems only fitting for action in the clip: Still in shock from our near miss the week before Xmas [this crash took place on December 17, 2016,

The three-car accident took place in Australia, well, on the Pacific Highway, in the proximity of Tyndale, NSW (North of Grafton).

This crash footage, which the police has just released back to the driver of this Subaru, allow us to notice the importance of the few defensive driving valuables, such as reaction times and maneuver depth.

Of course, with the WRX traveling at about 62 mph at the time (the velocity of the Nissan coming the other way hasn’t been made public), this man behind the wheel didn’t have all that much time to avoid the crash.

We’re told that the police has charged the Nissan driver, the authorities reportedly decided not to elaborate on the matter so far. Fortunately, nobody was killed in the accident.

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