Deep Dive: Take A Look At The Tech In The Bugatti Chiron

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The first test drives of the Bugatti Chiron have come and gone and one by one, and ...

The first test drives of the Bugatti Chiron have come and gone and one by one, and the resulting videos are emerging on YouTube ripe for the picking.

We already saw the world’s first drive of the Bugatti Chiron and would have preferred if Bugatti had allowed journalists to add the track component into the mix, but we understand why it didn’t.

Like any good present, the Bugatti Chiron must be unwrapped slowly in order to be savored. Now that a grand touring component of the test is done with, and the tech is next.

As a car from the company founded by an Italian, owned by Germans, built in France, there’s no question that the multifaceted machine was going to have multiple levels of complexity, we see that inside the cabin and its technology. Tim Stevens of Roadshow starts with a center console.

No radio is found here, just comfort and HVAC controls, which can then be toggled over to the second function depending on what the vehicle is being used for.

When not using the Chiron as the grand tourer, the center console screens can be used to display the pertinent performance information including turbocharger pressure and oil temperature.

And the diamond tweeters can play whatever the driver desires, changed by steering wheel-mounted buttons, while a two circular buttons located where Ferrari places its famous Manettino drive mode selector are used to toggle through a different drive settings and can even raise or lower the car.

Yes, we are just as sad that we can’t afford one of these because while a technology looks great, that interior is what’s to die for.

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