Diablo Owner Drifting The V12 Supercar Offers Quick Driving Lesson

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Learning how to drift can take some time. And even Richard Hammond had to spend ...

Learning how to drift can take some time. And even Richard Hammond had to spend the entire segment of The Grand Tour learning how to do it properly.

Expert drifters can slide almost anything, and some cars are more difficult to get sideways than others. Others, like a Ford Focus RS and Mercedes E63 AMG, come with the built-in drift mode that makes it easy for someone with no experience to drift the vehicle.

Unfortunately, old supercars like the Lambo Diablo didn’t have the highly advanced drift mode.

Many supercar owners rarely take their vehicles out of the garage, let alone to the race track. We have to give the guy in the video below some props because he took his Lambo Diablo to the driving event to try and improve his drifting skills.

What follows is roughly two minutes of the Lamborghini Diablo being spun in circles on the wet autocross circuit. Old Lamborghini vehicles were notoriously tricky to drive and even harder to slide.

Even though this driver had yet to master the art of drifting by the end of this video, there were other drivers that seemed to have as much trouble in their BMWs. We love to see the Diablo actually get used for something cool, and that is worth some praise.

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