DIE HARD CUMMINS Still Runs After Being Rolled And Wrecked!!!

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We have come the long way in car manufacturing. The vehicles of today are of much ...

We have come the long way in car manufacturing. The vehicles of today are of much higher quality compared to the quality of their past counterparts.

This doesn’t just go for safety measures, but for every part on the car! This especially goes for the engine, and the video below we have here is to show us why!

The star in this video is the wrecked Dodge Ram that has been completely ruined! It hurts just to look at how badly this Dodge Ram is damaged! And that is not what the point of the video is.

The whole thing is, even though a wrecked Dodge Ram has sustained severe damage, its engine still runs!!! Not only that, the driver even drives the destroyed Dodge Ram the couple of yards front and back!

Given the big oil spots that can be seen on the floor in this video, that is one nice feat. If you wonder what type of engine can still function after a truck has been heavily disfigured, we are happy to tell you.

The engine that this unfortunate Dodge Ram has is from Cummins, the American company that designs, manufactures and distributes engines! They are doing a pretty good job!

This video shows us just how much damage the quality car part can sustain and still continue to function! And the answer is a lot! But don’t be hasty!

Even though the engine still runs, it does not mean it is safe to run it if the truck is in such the bad shape! There is real danger of the vehicle catching fire if it is driven in that condition, and be wary! With that being said, we leave you the video for you to enjoy!

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