Is The Diesel-Powered Audi SQ7 A Match For The Tesla Model X 100D?

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The Tesla Model X 100D has races pretty much every performance vehicle there is, ...

The Tesla Model X 100D has races pretty much every performance vehicle there is, but I don’t think it is ever faced the most powerful diesel SUV there is.

Even though a Model X has the monopoly on the electric crossover market, and thanks to its advanced battery pack. But the Audi SQ7 also knows the few tricks because it is equipped with the 48-volt electrical system that feeds the e-charger.

The Audi SQ7 is not sold in America because of the whole emissions thing. But we know the few people at the dragstrip that would love to see a mighty Audi roll coal against this Tesla Model X 100D.

To be honest, we would have never thought of doing this drag race because a SQ5 seems underpowered. Its 4.0-liter V8 engine only produces 435 hp which isn’t even in the same league as a Bentayga or GLE 63. No to mention the fact that nearly everybody who raced the Tesla regretted it.

But at the hands of Carwow, this diesel SUV performed admirably. The Model X finishes the 1/4 mile race in 13.4 seconds at 102 mph while the Audi SQ7 managed 13.5 seconds at 106 mph. I think that Tesla is broken or something.

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