The Difference Between Budget And Premium Winter Tyres

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From econoboxes like the Opel Corsa up to the exotic machinery such as the Alfa ...

From econoboxes like the Opel Corsa up to the exotic machinery such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, tires can make the huge difference. And yes, handling is the name of the game here.
Well, but first, what does handling mean in automotive jargon? To me, it’s not how easy the vehicle is to drive.

It is about how the vehicle reacts to my inputs, the surface on which I’m driving, and the weather. Hardly believable it may be to some, but the lot of that comes from the tires, a car’s only connection to the road. Acceleration, cornering, braking depend on how good the tires is. By good, I’m referring to more than one criterion.

Tire type, the tread depth, the rubber compound, all of these things matter. As proven by the with discount and premium winter tires, brands matter too. As a temperature gets closer to freezing point, many of us are in the market for the set of winter tires. Don’t, however, go cheap because you will get what you paid for the tires: pretty much nothing.

Take, for example, the evasive maneuver. Wouter Karssen of does just that with two identical Audi A4s. And the one equipped with the cheap set of winter tires swerves almost as quickly as the A4 fitted with the premium rubber, but getting it straight again is hopeless. And in real-world winter driving conditions, that would translate into the crash.

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