The Differences Between Oversteer And Understeer And How To React

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You’ve all probably heard the terms oversteer and understeer, but do you ...

You’ve all probably heard the terms oversteer and understeer, but do you really know what they represent? Just in case you need to freshen up your knowledge, we found a video which focuses on that specific topic.

Understeer happens when a car simply refuses to turn, and keeps on plowing straight into a potential obstacle. Because this experience can be so terrifying, most inexperienced drivers reach out for the steering wheel in an attempt to increase the angle even further. Unfortunately, this actually narrows down the surface of the front tires used for grip, and only worsens the situation, oftentimes leading to an inevitable crash.

On the other hand, oversteer might look awesome when performed by professional drivers, but it can also lead to a potentially devastating outcome. Oversteer often happens when the balance is shifted towards the front end, making the rear tires lose grip and spun out.

Guys from Youtube channel Car Throttle did an excellent job of further explaining these two terms, and ways in which to combat their effects. Make sure to check it out.

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