Discover The Race That Inspired Porsche To Use The Carrera Name

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In 1950, the Mexican Government commissioned the race to celebrate the completion ...

In 1950, the Mexican Government commissioned the race to celebrate the completion of the Pan-American Highway, the Carrera Panamericana.

For five years, race attracted drivers from all over the globe. Pushing the pedal to the floor for 2000 miles across the wilderness of Mexico in the fifties resulted in many fatalities, and especially once factory works teams and their professional drivers pushed the average speed even higher.

After 1954, the The La Carrera Panamericana got shut down for good. Today, the race is back, featuring both marathon sections in normal traffic and closed speed stages, with 80 international teams competing with vintage race vehicles including Porsches, all sorts of classic American iron, Datsun Zs, Jaguars, Lancias, Fords and BMWs, ranging from Mark 1 Escorts to early Mustangs.

In 2015, filmmaker Jeremy Heslup joined Rob and John on their adventure with the 1962 Porsche 356B, which used to be the track car in New Zealand before taking home the category trophy both in 2009 and 2010.

For a race two years ago, the vehicle graduated to the higher class, featuring a bigger, 140 hp engine, balanced at least as much for reliability as for performance.

Now, it is your turn to join them as they dive deep into this vast country, and through large cities and by volcanoes, doing the competition that’s hard on the cars, hard on the people, but fortunately, still not as hard on your wallet as many other historic races.

When you hit the inevitable oil slick on the road, there comes the spin, and hardcore wrenching all night long is obligatory…

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