DIY 100K RPM Fidget Spinner Toy Has Freaked Out The WORLD!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Everybody who is somebody is talking about this ...

Everybody who is somebody is talking about this world record setting do-it-yourself fidget spinner toy thingy! That is right, some dude with a video camera and a YouTube account has somehow built a fidget spinner that spins faster than 99,999 revolutions per minute, which means that it spins at least as fast as 100k rpm. Somehow, this clever guy’s homemade fidget spinner can take a blast of air at 350 pounds per square inch to get it spinning. I dig the dude’s explanation as to why he builds such epic knick knacks, “‘Cause I can.” And, you can too make an insane toy for your kids that will make them the most popular children in town as long as you have some machining equipment in your home workshop.

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