This Is How You Dock Your Boat Like A BOSS!

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Pulling into a very crowded Marina can be the drag, especially if you don’t ...

Pulling into a very crowded Marina can be the drag, especially if you don’t have the required experience. However, even when it comes to the seasoned vet, docking a boat can be like the chess match between throttle and waves.

But this time, we have the throttle all the way up to the max. And no matter how much you practice, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this team’s level of skills. Well, the team we are talking about is named the Chesapeake Cowboys which comes from Madison, MD. And these guys have surely reached the pinnacle of boat docking.

They are doing unimaginable things in this boat docking contest and with their boat called Tough Luck II.
It is really incredible to watch as these boaters are zipping through a Marina flat out before hitting it in reverse to end up precisely on-spot.

They put everything they got in order to have a + and annihilating their competition in this boat docking contest. Well, before seeing this maneuver, you would think that these things can only happen in the video games.

Hold on tight and enjoy this fast but very intense boat docking display. Check out this video and tell us what you think. Have you ever seen something like this before?

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