Is The Dodge Challenger GT A Muscle car?

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What do you think about the Dodge Challenger GT? Is it a proper muscle car!? ...

What do you think about the Dodge Challenger GT? Is it a proper muscle car!? Everyone seems to ask the same question since the car came out. After all, it is a muscle car with an all-wheel drive setup. Can that be? Apparently, not exactly, as this muscle car does not have an appropriate engine.

No, it does not have the V8, but a N/A V6. Only adequately powerful, but that does not cut it nowadays. It never did actually.

So, EddieX is here to give us a proper review of the Dodge Challenger GT. He tried to answer the ultimate question. Is this a muscle car? The thing about this car is that it is not set up to be a performance car.

It is actually a car nicely tailored for northern climates. It is even slightly higher ground up compared to the performance models. In that regard, the Challenger GT seems far bigger than anything from Mercedes or BMW.

It does have some nice touches though. First of all, the car comes with performance seats. This is the only way one may get performance seats with the V6 model actually.

And it is comfortable apparently. We can see why EddieX likes it in some strange sense. But, it’s expensive. And that is a problem.

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