Dodge Challenger Hellcat Takes On Grand Cherokee 1/4 Mile Race

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Does a drag race involving the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Jeep Grand ...

Does a drag race involving the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat make sense? Frankly, delivering the positive answer doesn’t exactly come easy.

Nevertheless, such the velocity brawl should deliver the fair share of giggles, which is why seeing the two being thrown at each other on a drag strip shouldn’t come as the surprise.

The latest example of the sort comes from this quarter-mile shenanigan we are here to show you, which saw the drivers of the two Mopar monsters going all out.

Nevertheless, while this guy behind the wheel of the Dodge seems to be on top of his game, and we can’t say the same about the man occupying the driver’s seat of this high-riding Hemi machine.

To be more precise, this driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT displayed the unfortunate reaction time in the fight against the Hellcat.

For the record, we will mention that, when the two go-fast machines wear their factory rubber, this Dodge Challenger Hellcat needs 11.2 seconds to cover the 1,320 feet sprint, and while the Grand Cherokee SRT needs the extra 2 seconds for the task.

Of course, you can’t discuss such matters without wondering what would have happened had the Jeep lined up next to the Hellcat been the Trackhawk.

Well, according to the SUV builder, this Hellcat-ized Grand Cherokee is able to complete the 1/4 mile sprint in 11.6 seconds (at 116 mph).

So, in theory, a blown 6.2-liter Hemi-animated Challenger would still win. Then again, with intimidation factor that can be associated with such drag races, and you can never know what happens during such a velocity fight.

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