Dodge Demon Killer – Fastest Hellcat In The World Goes FASTER

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As Dodge is almost ready to deliver a Challenger SRT Demon, the aftermarket side ...

As Dodge is almost ready to deliver a Challenger SRT Demon, the aftermarket side of the industry seems to have engaged in the race, one that has a simple aim, namely to deliver the Hellcat that can pull 8s runs before the Demon makes its debut.

While the overly teased (here is the most recent episode of the kind) Demon should be the 9s car, the Dodge that currently holds the title of the world’s fastest Hellcat has recently managed to beat its own 1/4 mile record, getting close to the target mentioned in the intro.

We are talking about the Challenger that can complete the 1,320 feet sprint in as little as 9.15s, and while its highest trap speed sits at 158 mph.

The hefty velocity value is also the reason for which this Dodge packs the… tail, as machines that can go past 150 mph in the 1/4-mile must be gifted with the parachute.

The most important ingredients of the tech massage displayed by 6.2-liter V8 mixes a supercharger upgrade with the nitrous system and the driveshaft update.

However, the Mopar machine also grabbed another record during the run that saw its nitrous system being left unused – you can see this blower-only record in the first part of this video.

Speaking of which, you should know that the stunts displayed in this clip took place at the Cecil Country Raceway in Maryland.

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