Don’t Drive Drunk! This Moped Driver Learns The Hard Way After He Slams Into The Back Of A Parked Car

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Even though to THE drunk man two wheels probably look life four, there is only one ...

Even though to THE drunk man two wheels probably look life four, there is only one reality and in it it’s not the good idea to get on your moped after you have had a drink or ten.

A friend of mine – it doesn’t matter who, you wouldn’t know him – well, has ridden his bicycle while under the influence and said that he didn’t notice any issues with maintaining balance or any other type of impediment.

And on the other hand, we also tend to think we are better dancers when we are drunk, but videos from the last party you have attended would beg to differ.

It could be that the bicycle is easier to ride under these circumstances, as it requires to move your legs, and forcing your brain to focus and pushing the alcohol out of your system. Well, a moped is quite the opposite: you just sit there just like you were sat on a bar stool only ten minutes before.

Hell, come to think of it, you are actually starting to regret you didn’t bring along that bottle of beer you left half full on a counter when the bartender told you that you had enough.

The video below is a cinematographic masterpiece: it’s the lesson in building suspense, it comes with the very strong moral at the end.

You can see this rider on the blue moped struggle to keep the straight line and failing miserably, but at first, it is not clear whether he’s just trying to chase boredom away by swerving from left to right, or he is just matching the spinning image of the road in his head.

After a while, it becomes apparent that we are faced with the latter situation, and the outcome seems inevitable.

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