Double Decker Bus Transformed To Luxury RV

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YouTuber Onrust! has always been fascinated by buses, so in 2011 he decided to ...

YouTuber Onrust! has always been fascinated by buses, so in 2011 he decided to shell out 15000 euros to get one for himself.  He bought a 20-year-old, 90-seater Neoplan ‘Skyliner’ powered by a 255 hp Mercedes V-6 engine. However, he wasn’t contented to just owning one, he converted his prized ride into a double-decker luxury RV. It took him four years and approximately 4,000 hours to get the job done.

While a lot of folks out there are equally crafty and innovative, most don’t have the handiness so they just go out and purchase whatever stuff they need. That’s not a bad thing especially if you have a fat bank account, but seeing someone take another person’s trash and transform it into treasure is a pleasure to watch.

Check out the video below as Onrust! explains how he went about turning a bus into a rolling home in 20 steps. With a substantial amount and lots of elbow grease invested into it, the Skyliner came out looking like a winner and will certainly get plenty of use and turn heads wherever it goes.

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