DRAG RACE: BMW M5 F10 Vs Corvette C7 Vs Nissan GT-R Vs VW Golf 2

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Imagine you are the driver of an F10 BMW M5 and you have given your machine an ...

Imagine you are the driver of an F10 BMW M5 and you have given your machine an aftermarket treatment that dialed things all the way to 700 horsepower.

You attend a drag racing even and the Mk II Volkswagen Golf lines up next to you – are you worried about such the competitor?

Well, if we are talking about the Vee-Dub such as the one in this video, you should be. And that’s because we are dealing with the machine that has been gifted with no less than 650 horsepower.

Factor in the weight advantage the Golf has over most newer vehicles and you will see why this VW is quite a weapon. While its wheels and tires, as well as its rollcage could tell the trained eye that the vehicle wasn’t stock, nothing can prepare you for the sprinting abilities of the vehicle.

The Golf comes from German aftermarket developer Donkey Tec – we’re dealing with the relatively small tuner that likes to deliver big projects.

Heck, one year ago, these guys set the new world record for the VR6 engine with their 1,000+ horsepower Golf II, so the car we see here could very well use the street setup.

Regardless, the event involved multiple speed demons, most of which were what we would call the usual actors for such a stunt. M5 aside, we’re also talking about the C7 Corvette and an R35 Nissan GT-R.

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