DRAG RACE: Roush Mustang Vs. Smart Fortwo Brabus

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You don’t need the super-fast car to show that the smart ForTwo by Brabus is ...

You don’t need the super-fast car to show that the smart ForTwo by Brabus is slow. Well, you could do that with your average family hatchback. However, the South Africans at Car Magazine decided to use the Roush Ford Mustang with a Stage 3 tune.

Tuning the smart is like trying to have fun with the electric shaver. (don’t get any dirty ideas!) Yes, you can spend money to have the best shaver in this world, but nobody else will envy you.

On the other hand, owning the Roush Mustang is as much the part of the American dream as free booze and living in the trailer next to the Indy 500 track.

It is for the guys who bench press with two hot models on the bar, and feeling invincible comes with the territory. Against an opponent with six times less power, the handicap is in order, especially when that opponent is shaped like the brick and it happens to be windy on the day of the race.

Let’s compare the mods instead of just laughing at A poor little smart. The Brabus badge brings with it the throatier exhaust system, the upgraded fuel pump, better induction and the re-map for the 0.9-liter turbo engine which brings it to 109 PS.

That will get you to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds according to the manufacturer and 10.33 seconds on the day of the race. Enjoy the drag race.

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