She Drifts Her New Huracan Around Dealership As Soon As She Gets It

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What car should a movie stunt driver have? What car should two movie stunt drivers ...

What car should a movie stunt driver have? What car should two movie stunt drivers drive? What car should a married couple drive if both of them are movie stunt drivers!? Well, we have an answer now.

Samuel and Eva Stina Hubinette are Swedes and they love to drive. She inherited driving passion from her father, while he… well, he is a man.

The car they bought is so outrageous it will be unveiled at the SEMA show. However, before it reached Las Vegas, Eva had to have a go in it. And she did. Drifting is her business and the Huracan with RWD and a Hydraulic brake can do wonders.

So, a RWD Huracan and hydraulic brake? Who made this thing?

It seems it received a Vorsteiner Aero kit, then it was converted to RWD and got a custom hydraulic brake. After all, they fitted it with a hydraulic brake. To celebrate the occasion Eva and Samuel made an epic drift around the Lamborghini Newport Beach lot.

Lamborghini V10 have 610 hp stock, but we would not be surprised if this particular machine had even more power at its disposal. As we all know, the upper limits of tuning this V10 haven’t been reached yet. Underground Racing got it to more than 2,300hp.

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