Video Catches The Moment A Car Flies Into The Front Of A Bus

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They say freeways, and despite the higher speed limits, are the safest place for ...

They say freeways, and despite the higher speed limits, are the safest place for drivers, that is because they are generally straight, with long bends and, most importantly, they have the central divider to keep the two directions of traffic away from each other.

Unluckily, that doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to. And since there is the solid object between the two lanes, there is absolutely no way for the drivers to see what is coming until it is too late.

That is exactly what happened here in the kind of the accident that couldn’t have been prevented by this bus driver no matter what he did.

This footage from inside a cabin shows he steers to the left the moment he sees the vehicle flying in, but we all know what half the turn on the steering wheel of the bus means: close to nothing.

The driver in this airborne hatchback has been identified as 62-year-old Masamitsu Ikuma, he was headed west on the Tomei Expressway in Shinshiro, Japan.

If everyone had been driving on the RIGHT side of the road, the car would have plowed into trees, shrubs, and dirt instead of the bus.

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