Driver Avoids Near Fatal Collision Trying To Warn Of Spill At Nurburgring

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What happens when there’s an oil spill on the crowded Nurburgring touristenfahrten ...

What happens when there’s an oil spill on the crowded Nurburgring touristenfahrten (track day)? All hell breaks loose, that’s what happens. If you think the Nurburgring isn’t perilous enough, you should try entering one of its many corners at high-speed, without knowing there is oil on the road’s surface. Such an occurrence in the racing environment usually spells trouble for the participants, more so if the vehicles are equipped with tread-lacking, slick tires that can’t properly evacuate slippery contaminants. And normal road vehicles aren’t safe either, especially while cornering, as their tires do little against the oil’s liquid viscosity. The footage captured shows exactly what were the driver mistakes that transformed the situation into the mayhem, including one man who thought it would be best to get out of his vehicle and try to slow down oncoming circuit traffic by waving his hands. Not the good move, to say the least, demonstrated seconds after with an out-of-control BMW. Luckily, the man survived the impromptu game of chicken with the Bavarian machine by jumping over a fence, with little time to spare.

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