A Driver Crashes His Ferrari F430 GT3 In A Very Bizarre Way! UNBELIEVABLE

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You might think hill climbs are the lot like the racetracks. The road is the ...

You might think hill climbs are the lot like the racetracks. The road is the closed off section of pavement, full of turns and elevation changes, and where drivers try to set the fastest lap. But unlike purpose-built circuits, the public-road hill climb doesn’t take the race car’s limitations into account.

This video of the Ferrari F430 GT3 car running into a stone wall is the perfect example. It starts with the vehicle coming up to what looks like the full 180-degree right-hander, the driver making sure to take the wide angle to nail down the racing line.

Except, that angle may have been the little too wide. As this driver reaches the apex, he or she realizes the track-prepped Ferrari doesn’t have the tight enough turning radius to clear the outside stone barrier. But by then, it is already too late.

The front left of this car slaps the rising wall, running up the rocks and tearing off the sponsor poster before coming back down to the pavement. Fittingly, the onlooker is driven to face-palm at this slow-motion disaster.

Sometimes in the race, drivers forget they are on a normal road and not the big open circuit, and stuff like this happens.

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