This Driver Films Woman Driving On The Highway With A Missing Wheel

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Look, we’ve all ignored the troubling noise or worrisome vibration in our ...

Look, we’ve all ignored the troubling noise or worrisome vibration in our vehicles. Sometimes you just need to get where you are going, and that low tire pressure light or unsettling shake in a steering wheel isn’t going to stop you.

This situation is the little more drastic than that. We don’t know much about what’s going on here, other than a very obvious: This Jetta driver is blithely barreling down ta highway, sans front wheel. At least the flashers are on?

YouTuber Jonno, who uploaded the video below way back in April, offers no explanation other than to point out how fast the Jetta driver is going—70 mph, with 25 percent of the normal wheel count missing. Sheesh.

Judging by a body damage to the driver’s side of this VW, this isn’t the first mishap a poor sedan has encountered. How did that driver’s-side wheel go missing?

Why didn’t this driver think it was reason enough to stop? How on earth is this vehicle still rolling down the highway in the first place?

We don’t have any answers. We just hope this bizarre situation didn’t end in injury or harm to any innocent bystanders. In light of this, maybe self-driving cars aren’t such the bad idea.

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