Why Driving A 60-Year-Old Military Vehicle Is A Horrible Experience

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Even though most people are in agreement over a fact that war is horrible, we ...

Even though most people are in agreement over a fact that war is horrible, we still have the unexplainable affinity toward the military vehicles they are usually fought with.

It is been some time since the Ferret armored vehicle has seen any combat, considering a model was built between 1951 and 1972 and was taken out of service during the ’80’s, and that doesn’t change the fact it was designed to take part in armed conflicts.

Granted, the Ferret was more of the reconnaissance vehicle, meaning it was just as happy to stay out of trouble as the glasses-wearing straight A’s student, and it did offer some protection against light weapons and came equipped with the .30-caliber Browning light machine gun. Certainly then, this thing’s place is in the museum, and not the streets of Tennessee. Or so you would think.

Apparently, driving a Ferret over there is perfectly legal, the vehicle does come equipped with the set of headlights and turn indicators. In has no crumple zones, well, however, and it weighs over four tons, and crashing into it is not advised.

Have the look at it? Sure, but not many people would jump at a chance of driving it, but when you run the YouTube channel that feeds on views, that changes instantly. Well, Doug DeMuro, the same guy who took the Hummer H1 to the drag strip, among other things, answered the call.

It is safe to assume there was the line forming behind the Ferret, and it wasn’t so much down to the relatively slow speed of the military vehicle, because everyone was matching its speed so that they could take the better look at it.

If we got to see the 50-year-old British armored vehicle on the street every day, we would be living in a very strange world.

The Ferret can actually do 58 mph, and it goes pretty fast in reverse too, and operating it is apparently the nightmare, so it is not very confidence-inducing for the first-time driver.

But seeing the McDonald’s employees struggling to keep the straight face as the Ferret pulled up to a drive-through window was definitely worth it.

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