Drone Footage Shows Silverdome Lot Jam-Packed With VW’s Cheating Diesels

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Thousands of the defective diesel Volkswagens are currently being stored at the ...

Thousands of the defective diesel Volkswagens are currently being stored at the Pontiac Silverdome, much to a displeasure of the city.

As the video below shows, Volkswagen has filled expansive parking lots with the cars it has bought back from customers in the midst of the dieselgate scandal.

However, according to a city of Pontiac, the owners of the stadium have violated the number of codes by allowing the cars to be stored there.

The Oakland Press reports that in February, and the city filed six separate complaints against Triple Investment Group that include violations of the building and the safety code, municipal code and zoning ordinances.

Additionally, it is alleged that stadium’s owners have violated the code that stipulates they need the special business license to store vehicles.

Volkswagen started buying back cars affected by its emissions-manipulating software late last year and in total, about 475,000 Volkswagen 2.0-liter TDI owners in the US can sell their vehicles back to the carmaker at pre-scandal prices. Just another example of the waste here in America! If they crush these vehicles, they will spend more resources and create 10 times the emissions that these vehicles would have ever created!

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