Duramax Vs Loaded Jackknifed Semi! Worth Every Penny

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This large truck had problems with the ice and the snow, and the all-mighty LB7 ...

This large truck had problems with the ice and the snow, and the all-mighty LB7 Duramax comes in to help the little bit.

There is no way that the big loaded truck could get out of trouble without the help of the Duramax, no doubt there.

This truck driver realized that he was stuck for good, and there was no grip for the truck’s tires, and he couldn’t even move this truck.

So he called the guy with the Chevy truck powered by the LB7 Duramax engine, to help him to get back on his way.

As we know, the owners of the Duramax are all fair, they all want to help where they can, so the Duramax jumped to help, no questions asked. They tied both vehicles with some heavy duty rope, and the Duramax in the back and the loaded truck in the front hook.

Time to go, the owner of this powerful Duramax knows what he is doing. He first revved the engine the little, and when he knew it was time to pull, he released a clutch and there they go, pulling this loaded truck like it is some small trailer or something, this Duramax didn’t even feel that it was pulling something.

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