Trabi With VW 180hp TDI Is A Middle Finger To The Dieselgate

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We wrote about Trabant cars before on the site. Remember, this is an Eastern ...

We wrote about Trabant cars before on the site. Remember, this is an Eastern German car from the time SSSR wanted to create their own people’s car. In stock form, it had a two stroke two cylinder engine with a really low amount of power. The thing produced more smoke than thrust.

Now, however, one German had the thing rigged with an all new engine. And we are not talking here about a one liter Volkswagen engine from a Polo. You know, the Germans did integrate this small VW engine in it a lot.

The new one is a rolling coal goddess. It’s got a freaking diesel thing in it. This one is actually rather different than the real thing.

It has a diesel engine strapped to the back of a car – where the rear seats used to be. The power goes to the back and the amount of smoke it produces makes Dieselgate a piece of a cake. Germans filmed it at the TTT Test & Tune in Finsterwalde, Germany. There it went against the VR6 powered Golf II.

What is interesting is that the Trabi had a famous 1.9-liter TDI in it dialed up to 180hp. This is one of the most successful engines ever produced (VW produced more something like 50 million of these) and with 180 hp it is close to its highest state of tune.

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