Electrical Breakdown Sends Car Ferry Crashing Through Port Wall!

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This shocking video shows the Volcan de Tamasite, a massive car ferry, crashing ...

This shocking video shows the Volcan de Tamasite, a massive car ferry, crashing straight into a port wall.

Have you experienced driving along a highway flanked by a wall built to hold back the sea next to it? Imagine yourself on that trip and then from out of nowhere an enormous vessel comes smashing through the wall! That’s likely a scenario that will scare the shit out of you.

Someone happened to film a pretty similar situation when a ferry appeared to be approaching the concrete wall at the entrance to Luz Port in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. The problem is that the vessel ain’t slowing down!

Apparently, an electrical breakdown led to engine failure, causing the captain to lose control of the ship’s maneuverability and inevitably sending it plowing directly into the wall.

The ship lost power while it was leaving port and in spite of numerous attempts by the crew members to get the engines restarted and throwing down anchors, they failed to avert the collision.

The mishap took place on April 21 this year. On board the ill-fated vessel were 40 passengers, 30 crewmen and dozens of vehicles. Five people were rushed to hospital while five others received emergency treatment at the scene.

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