Embarrassing Moment P-Plate Driver Stalls 13 Times Is On Camera

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If you are the type of anxious person who doesn’t like people looking at you ...

If you are the type of anxious person who doesn’t like people looking at you as if they are judging your every move, welcome to your worst traffic-related nightmare.

This painful to watch footage comes from Bathgate, Scotland, and where Council worker James Johnston and his dashboard-mounted camera ended up behind atheyoung female driver who just couldn’t get her vehicle moving once the light turned green.

After her initial attempt, she put on her hazard lights, stalled her Citroen C1 another 12 times before Mr Johnston came to her rescue, and telling her to calm down and reminding her just how easy it is to work the stick shift.

Because she had the P plate displayed I could see she was the new driver, said Mr Johnston. I waited behind her and I could see she couldn’t find the balance between a clutch and the gas. Every time she tried to set off she stalled. It seemed as though she was stressed.

Eventually I decided to just get out and speak to her. And she was really embarrassed. I just told her to take her time, take the deep breath and try and feel her biting point before giving it plenty of gas. And she seemed to get her confidence back after that.

Had he not been such the good Samaritan, the girl (around 18 or 19 yrs old) could have been there the great deal longer and other drivers behind her might not have been so sympathetic to her situation – as they often aren’t.

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