How Engines Really Work – See Through Engine In Slow Motion

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If you read Legendaryspeed, then you probably already know the basic fundamentals ...

If you read Legendaryspeed, then you probably already know the basic fundamentals of how the internal combustion engine works.

Fuel and air enter the cylinder, which is then ignited by the spark, propelling the piston, sending energy throughout the drivetrain until it eventually hits the road.

And what does that little explosion actually look like? Thanks to see-through heads and slow-mo cameras, and we can find out.

SmarterEveryDay put together the fantastically detailed video demonstrating just how the gasoline engine goes about turning fuel into power.

In order to see the inside of the working engine, SmarterEveryDay took the motorcycle engine and replaced the normal metal cylinder head with the see-through acrylic piece.

Using a high-powered slow-motion camera, they are able to capture the exact moment the spark plug activates and ignites the air-fuel mixture.

The video below is the good explainer for anyone curious about what exactly goes on under the hood of your vehicle as you drive.

There’s a bunch of slow-motion action, so even if you are a master engine builder, it’s worth a watch (skip to 3:00 to get right into it).

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