Enjoy This BMW M4 Competition Chasing Down A McLaren 675LT

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These days, driving the supercar on the Nurburgring has become more complicated ...

These days, driving the supercar on the Nurburgring has become more complicated than ever. That’s because the Green Hell seems to pack more and more minions of speed.

To be more precise, we are referring to steering wheel wielders who know the 12.9-mile course like the back of their own hand driving glove and sit inside less expensive machines. Thus, these drivers are ready to go for the all-in approach, chasing supercars as if there was no tomorrow.

A perfect example of such the situation is delivered in the video below, which shows a McLaren 675 Longtail lapping the Ring at what we would call moderate pace, at least given the Woking machine’s abilities.

While we don’t have the official Ring time for the 675LT, we know the machine can easily blur the line between supercars and hypercars, it’s enough to check out is times on other tracks to figure that out.

The Macca doesn’t get to go from Bridge to Gantry alone, though, and we are not talking about the usual Touristenfahrten traffic here.

Instead, the 675 gets chased by the BMW M4 gifted with the Competition Package, whose driver seems to fit the description above perfectly.

As you will be able to notice thanks to the occasional countersteering, the BMW M4 guy is determined to stick with the Longtail. And even though we can’t ignore the idea that this driver of the Longtail isn’t getting anywhere near the full potential of the British weapon, the chase remains satisfying.

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