Enjoy The Show! Motorbike Drifting – Gymkhana

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Who does not like drifting, right? Well, I mean, one actually doesn’t even ...

Who does not like drifting, right? Well, I mean, one actually doesn’t even need to be the typical Gearhead (like most of us), and in order to enjoy watching one of the most attractive disciplines in the world of Moto Sports!

That awesome tire screams that we call the perfect music for our ears, and seeing rubber melting as if the doomsday had come to the Planet Earth, the creation of tons of smokeā€¦

There are simply too many great things, it`s practically impossible for the person to remain indifferent to them! Which is why, we keep on showing you attractive drift video clips from all around the world. Of course, vehicles have the dominating role, but you can’t say that we are not paying enough attention to the beasts on two wheels.

But still, in the case you feel like it, today we have prepared something extra for your eyes, that will keep you going for quite some time!

It’s the great, cinematic-like clip, that’s coming from France, and in which, in the main roles we have the brotherly tandem, Thomas-BladE Sagnier and Jorian Ponomareff.

These two best friends have decided to go totally bonkers this day, with the simple plan to smoke out their rear tires, in the way very few bikers can do! In other words, it’s the Streetbike drifting at its best! Check out this video and enjoy the show!

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.