It Is Enough To Say Best Truck Wheelie Competition

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Canada is one of the coolest countries in the world, especially when we’re ...

Canada is one of the coolest countries in the world, especially when we’re talking about vehicles.

The country has also some awesome laws regarding our second homes. And one of the best is that in some cities and places you have to leave your car open in case the person is getting chased by the polar bear, so he or she can drive or hide in your vehicle.

If you ever left your car open in the United States, it’ll probably be stolen within the hour.

Nonetheless, this is not the US we’re talking about today! However, here the talk is that Canada also hosts some of the most amazing and the unique competitions like the one you are about to witness.

This video shows an interesting compilation of the best truck wheelies that were part of the competition in Quebec. Which truck wheelie is your favorite?

Anyway, if some bosses are reading this article here, well, they should not get nervous if they see that the trucks are used for fun purposes.

All the trucks are utilized only for races and events like this and not for actual work. And if it was like that then there is no doubt that those frames are getting too much stressed. Well, these trucks are not only doing incredible wheelies, they are ridiculously fast as well!

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