It Is Enough To Say Bike Exhaust System With Two Mini Guns

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Appearance is very important if you want your car to gather the attention of ...

Appearance is very important if you want your car to gather the attention of people. Some people get really creative and while trying to make their ride looks as unique as possible! We have seen and shared videos of cars with great paintjobs, incredible rims etc.

This is something we have never seen before! Most people would do the nice paintjob if they want their bike to look nice. This dude however, thought that a paintjob is not what he wants!
Instead, he decided to install the new bike exhaust system. Even though the exhaust is something we rarely pay attention to, this particular one is very unique! Well, this is because each exhaust pipe looks like a minigun!

That is the smart way to scare whoever is driving behind you! Well, this particular bike exhaust system is manufactured by the American company named Tailgunner. Tailgunner exhaust is the name of a system as well. And installing this exhaust system will not have any effect on the performance of your motorcycle, but it will definitely make it look more appealing!

Most of us have seen the flame paintjobs and the weird rims, but this is far more original! When the bike is stationary, the exhaust pipes stay still. When you are driving, they spin rapidly, just like the minigun would!

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