It Is Enough To Say Cracked Ferrari Wheel In Half!

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We’ve all hit potholes at the certain point in our driving lives. Heck, this ...

We’ve all hit potholes at the certain point in our driving lives. Heck, this is one of the smallest sins some of us steering wheel junkies are guilty of.

Even so, when such the tale happens in the Ferrari and your rim gets cracked in the process, laughing it off is not exactly easy. Well, this is precisely what happened to Rob Ferretti recently, with the man documenting everything and sharing his wheel-shattering experience with us on YouTube.

Well, Rob Who? Rob Ferretti – and we bring you plenty of adventures from this man because he’s what you might call the down-to-earth supercar collector. The unfortunate adventure we have here only comes to prove that.

After hitting the big hole in New Jersey and splitting a front rim on the 458 Spider, Rob Ferretti steps out of the car and takes responsibility for his boo-boo.

As such, we get the video that demonstrates such an episode doesn’t have to turn into your worst nightmare, right down to the guy mentioning the eBay price of the replacement wheel.

Then again, having somebody delivering the spare, along with the equipment required to pull the pit stop in the middle of the street, and in this case his brother, does come in handy.

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