Enraged Cop Hops Off SUV Cruiser and TASERS Unsuspecting Biker!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In most cases, bikers running from police officers manage to escape from the long ...

In most cases, bikers running from police officers manage to escape from the long arms of the law. However, bikers occasionally do get caught and end up in hot water.

And there are times when they find themselves staring down a police-issued taser that fires two dart-like electrodes to deliver electric current capable of disrupting voluntary muscle control, thereby causing “neuromuscular incapacitation.

What we have in the video is an unfortunate biker who ended up on the sidewalk and in spite of being part of a large group of riders, he was singled out by an enraged cop who hopped out of his cruiser and wasted no time knocking him off of his bike and tasing him.

The footage was shot from one of the riders’ GoPro Hero 5 helmet cam or dash cam action sports camera. We can’t hear what was said between the officer and the biker, but it’s quite tough to fathom anything the biker said justified the immediate tasing.

Obviously, it’s not right to judge or take sides without knowing the full details so let’s just allow this one to play out and see what other info surfaces before condemning either man.

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