Enter The Dragon! Trucker Kicks Thief Off Speeding Motorbike To Retrieve Stolen Phone

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Why do scooters have such the bad reputation? Well, part because most of them look ...

Why do scooters have such the bad reputation? Well, part because most of them look ridiculous, and mainly because they are used by thieves. I’m not necessarily referring to the UK, where you run and hide your bike if you see two dudes on the scooter. This practice is used everywhere, even in China as you can see here.

Why scooters? Because they are easy to steal, operate and they offer you the huge advantage against the cops – you can squeeze through everywhere like the cockroach and escape most of the times.

You don’t even need advanced tactics and planning. Find the scooter, steal it, bust its ignition, start it up and go search for your first victim. In this case, it’s the truck driver in China who, for some reason, left his window open and his smartphone in plain sight.

The scooter thief saw it, parked right in front of this truck, climbed at the window, snatched the phone and off he went, getting the perfect score with no witnesses or alarms triggered. Or at least that’s what he thought…

Apart from a surveillance camera that caught the event on tape, there was the truck driver who apparently saw what happened and for some reason failed to react. He was eager to revenge, and this looked to be his lucky day.

Why? Because the dumb thief had a nerve to come back after the little while on the incoming lane. This truck driver acted quickly and jumped in front of the speeding scooter.

With nothing at hand to stop the thief, and he performed one of the coolest martial art maneuvers and kicked the bad guy off the two-wheeler.

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