Epic! Insane Mud Bogging Got This Vehicle Drowning But Still Going!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Do you think vehicles need ridiculous tires and custom lifted drivetrain and ...

Do you think vehicles need ridiculous tires and custom lifted drivetrain and suspension to overcome a deep mud all the time? Well, most trucks probably do but not with this one. It’s a Mitsubishi Pajero doing some insane mud bogging that may have sent it drowning yet not enough to stop it from going.

Doing just a conventional pass through mud while the driver and passenger safely and comfortably sit inside the vehicle seemed to be not very exciting for these dudes. They leveled it up by riding a non-lifted vehicle and going through mud that almost submerged their Pajero.

It may sound something damaging to the vehicle, but I guess Pajeros are one stubborn and sturdy ride. The Pajero got a sweet bath in the mud with only its roof left buoyed up. In fact, the Pajero got submerged not only once or twice but a lot of times.

The driver of the Pajero probably has his head the only thing above the mud too. Good for him but I doubt about the other guy in the Pajero’s back – definitely tasted what mud in his mouth, nose, and eyes feels like. Way too redneck, right? Check it out!

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!