Epic Jay Leno Garage Visited By The Guy From Vehicle Virgins

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Our guy from Vehicle Virgins – Parker had an awesome chance to explore the ...

Our guy from Vehicle Virgins – Parker had an awesome chance to explore the history of the automobile and meet one of the biggest gearheads of our time – Jay Leno. Parker of Vehicle Virgins visited Jay Leno garage and walked around some of the most amazing cars this magnificent man has.

They all started a walk around his garage with talking about McLaren cars. And Jay Leno said something cool – the only car he can actually drive at all times is the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. It is the only car that can consistently hit more than 200 mph at all times and in almost all conditions.

“Today was an incredible day…Got to meet Jay Leno and see his incredible collection! From the Mclaren F1 to the P1, Muira, and old Bugattis it was one hell of a garage!” Parker said in its YouTube description.

The thing about Jay Leno was that he loves his cars, works on them and drives them regardless of their age. It seems that every one of them is in a fantastic condition.

All in all, Parker from Vehicle Virgins had a chance to visit what is best described as the Jay Leno museum. And you will have awesome time walking around these cars with this man.

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