Epic Sound Shootout Between The Shelby GT350 And Camaro ZL1

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V8 sound wars never ceased. Companies producing Muscle cars are doing all in their ...

V8 sound wars never ceased. Companies producing Muscle cars are doing all in their power to create the most distinctive sound thus making the drivers and the owners satisfied with awesome sounding cars.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the engine sound is definitely one of the most important features for anyone who wants to buy a car with character. And muscle car has a lot of it.

So, this video meets two of the leading muscle cars at the time, the Shelby GT350 and the Camaro ZL1. No Hellcat here? Actually not. These two are of the newer breed and the sound they produce is the focal point of this exercise.

Bear in mind that the V8 from Ford actually has an advantage. It is a flat plane crank engine meaning that all four cylinders bang simultaneously. This creates quite a sensational aural experience, but Chevy did a lot of the ZL1 engine to make it even more glorious.

Ouu, yes, these are not only power machines but fantastic sound generators the world would be happy to hear. Now, press play and hear what cars developing far more than 500hp sound like. The GT350 is something special for sure, but indulge yourself with the sound of the ZL1 as well.

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