EPIC Tug Of War – One Tractor Vs An Army Of 30 Men!

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Tug of war is the ultimate form of competition. In order to come out victorious, ...

Tug of war is the ultimate form of competition. In order to come out victorious, one contestant has to drag the other in the opposite direction and therefore exert their will on downed opponent. In my book, that is about as hardcore it can get.

To make matters more interesting, in most cases, the two vehicles are equally powered, which guarantees a proper showdown. As far as this event goes, nothing was “normal”. In one corner, we have the mighty tractor, a powerful agriculture vehicle, known to be able to pull insane amount of weight. Opposite to it, stands a very interesting adversary. Thirty men working as one in order to take down the behemoth.

Now, some might call this lopsided, but think again. Not only that the tractor is on a slight slope, this shootout is taking place on muddy ground, where traction is far worse compared to, let’s say, concrete. Because of this, people actually have a decent shot of being successful.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that no one was injured, and everyone involved had a barrel of fun. Isn’t that the whole point? Will humans be able to pull an upset, or will the machine triumph? Find out in the video below.

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