Escaped Emu Causes Chaos On Motorway – Watch Huge Bird Run Straight Through RED LIGHT

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What do you do when traffic is really busy? Well, nothing, and wait. In the worst ...

What do you do when traffic is really busy? Well, nothing, and wait. In the worst case scenario you call your boss, once again hear him saying you should have left earlier.

But then again, the rain outside is not such the big problem as you cruise a highway with 10mph since everything remains cosy inside your new vehicle. But all of the sudden an emu appears.
Beep, beep!

We sure do remember Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner cartoon characters, and things are slightly different this time.

Instead of the fast-running ground bird, we are looking at the full-size emu which is definitely not chased by any coyote. In fact, as far as we can tell this wild animal was enjoying its little voyage on the highway. As were the drivers who slowed down, started filming the odd appearance.

It turns out this bizarre clip was filmed in the Israeli city of Herzliya and posted by YouTube user Iliya Zelser.

The fellow was driving along a highway when he saw all the vehicles slowing down and eventually stopping because of the large bird.

You can hear this man laughing almost all the time he’s filming which we totally get, especially that, at some point, this giant bird completely ignored the red light and continued running, missing on-coming traffic with just a couple of inches.

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