Ever Wondered What A 5000HP Shot Of Nitrous Looks Like?? Here It Is!!

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Drag strip loss got you down? There is the quick remedy for that: nitrous oxide. ...

Drag strip loss got you down? There is the quick remedy for that: nitrous oxide. But how much? How does the shot of nitrous worth about 5,000 hp sound? That is sure to do the trick.

This isn’t anything like Brian O’Conner’s request (I need NOS, one of the big ones); this is the kick in the pants, hold on tight kind of blast we can’t imagine.

This video comes from YouTuber Torqueline Garage during what looks to be the aftermarket parts convention of sorts. We see the older gentleman who darts his eyes back and forth, casing his surroundings. And then, he counts down for the big shebang.

And the shebang it is. We count about seven seconds of the nitrous blasting out from the tanks on the table. Now we understand why this man cased the situation out earlier; the scene is loud and a bit messy.

Yet, it is mesmerizing all at once. Think about it for the few moments: 5,000 horsepower. In Mopar speak, that is nearly six Dodge Challenger SRT Demons.

In Blue Oval jargon, and almost eight Ford GTs. In Bowtie banter, again, nearly eight Corvette Z06s. All of it is let loose in just the couple of seconds.

This also seems to take place in Australia, and judging by accents and additional information provided.

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